WPA calls for combined Guyanese effort against virus

Guyana Chronicle
September 16, 2000

WORKING People's Alliance (WPA) has appealed to all Guyanese for a combined effort towards ridding this country of the spread of HIV/AIDS and other threatening diseases.

The political party said "now that the symbol of those living with HIV, Mr Andre Subryan has passed on, just after Mr Phillip Wiles, also an open HIV person, a successful anti-AIDS mission should be launched with all hands on deck".

A release said WPA was disappointed to find that, last year, of $5M voted, only $1.1M was spent on the National AIDS Secretariat.

"Whatever the cause or reason, this must not happen again. Such failure endangers the groups likely to be infected and, in fact, every one," the release said.

It urged people to take courage from the growing evidence that the HIV virus is not a plague sent by God but, very likely, a fully or partly man-made virus.

Noting that scientists are now meeting in London to further probe the mystery of the appearance of this disease in the places mostly affected by it, the statement said WPA's view is that the virus is man made and subject to human control "once we are alert to the information."

"Next, we should take special pride in moving to call a halt to those who saw biological warfare as simply a superior weapon of war.

"It is our conviction that, in Guyana, with the right education, the right encouragement, the right resources, the right policy, with committed physicians and other health care professionals interested in this particular illness, we can do what at least Thailand and Uganda have done.

"If we have any pride and intelligence, we, as a small population, can even go beyond the success of those countries.

"We need religion with its call for self-control and healthy attitudes. We need scientific minds of all the healing arts, condoms and counselling. We need to know about healthy living.

"It is clear that, without early success against the spread of the virus, Guyana will go down economically, raising difficulties for the whole working population," WPA declared.

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