Mental qualities of past Windies needed
...says Dr Rudy Webster

Guyana Chronicle
September 11, 2000

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, (CANA) - Sports psychologist Dr Rudi Webster said the current West Indies team need to adopt the philosophy and mental qualities of the past squad.

In a column in the Sunday Sun newspaper here, Webster said during the Lloyd-Richards era, the team's philosophy simply involved enjoying the game, playing hard and never giving up.

"Their most outstanding qualities were mental toughness and mental aggression, coping with pressure and the ability to concentrate and think clearly during the game. They were positive, confident and professional," he said.

The West Indies team psychologist said he believes these crucial qualities can be instilled in the minds of current players but it will require special expertise and techniques.

Webster said the critical question to be addressed is "how do we teach our young players the West Indies way and how do we monitor and improve what is being taught to them?"

In reply to this question he outlined three major factors geared towards the recovery of West Indies cricket.

He first addressed the issue of coaching, insisting that an integrated regional approach to coaching be given top priority and a cricket academy be established.

Webster also stressed a need for the management team and selectors to function more effectively.

"The management team needs to lift its game. The selectors need to show more courage and select the players whom they think will deliver the goods," he added.

Webster said, like previous slumps, this one can be reversed if done professionally.

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