`Governor' committee begins work

Guyana Chronicle
August 1, 2000

THE ministerial committee Cabinet has mandated to urgently look at measures to stem the high road accident rate has submitted a report, Home Affairs Minister, Mr Ronald Gajraj said yesterday.

He told the Chronicle Attorney General, Mr Charles Ramson was also examining existing laws to advise Cabinet on legislation changes to address the situation.

Cabinet two weeks ago asked Gajraj to look at urgently introducing a mechanical device, among other measures, to check excessive speeding by vehicles, especially those in the public transportation system.

The `governor', a device installed under the accelerator of some mini-buses and other vehicles to prevent them going over a certain speed, is being considered.

President Bharrat Jagdeo announced last month that putting a "mechanical device within the vehicles to prevent speeding" was a main suggestion he was considering in the fresh campaign to halt mounting road deaths.

Speeding has been blamed for many fatal road crashes and some advocates have for years suggested installing a `governor' particularly in mini-buses.

Cabinet asked Gajraj to take the necessary steps to prevent vehicles, especially those in public transportation, driving at excessive speed.

Measures will include "any appropriate mechanical device", the Information Ministry said.

It said Cabinet "emphasised the urgency with which this matter is to be dealt with" and the Home Affairs Minister was to present a report within two weeks.

Gajraj yesterday said the report has been presented.

The Home Affairs Minister is also heading a committee addressing short, medium and long-term measures to deal with the traffic situation. He is to report the findings and recommendations for appropriate action, including enacting legislation, to Cabinet.

President Jagdeo, expressing sympathies to the relatives of 12 persons who died in two road accidents early last month, signalled a tough new campaign to help curb road deaths.

"...I intend to address this issue in the harshest possible terms, possibly through legislative measures," he told a news conference in Georgetown on July 7.

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