Guyana's children live on GTV

Guyana Chronicle
July 30, 2000

A TWO-hour live children's programme begins today on GTV Channel 11 from 15:00 hours. Sponsored by the Ministry of Information and GTV, the programme is said to be the first locally-televised show for children and it will include a number of educational and entertaining features.

The show will be hosted and co-produced by children and the first half of the presentation will be dedicated to the younger children. A cartoon titled "Just Diedre" and a call-in segment will be the main attractions.

"Beany", a green and yellow dinosaur will be encouraging love and unity amongst Guyana's children.

According to a release from GTV, there will be interesting messages through song, poetry and drama such as "Aunt Rinty and Family" in the segment for older children. This portion of the presentation will be sponsored by the National Commission on the Rights of the Child.

"Each week a group of children will show you where and how something is made in Guyana, and `Fascinating Facts' - a call-in session for older children will be based on things you may or may not know about our beautiful country."

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