Iran looks for joint venture with Guyanese

Guyana Chronicle
July 25, 2000

TRADE links between Guyana and Iran may soon be established through a joint venture agreement with the Iranian firm of Sadr Export House Company and local businesses.

Research and Marketing Manager of the Iranian company, Mr Mehdi Souri is here with others on a promotion tour complete with goods for sale at the Muslim Youth Organisation (MYO) complex on Woolford Avenue, Georgetown.

He explained he is arranging to enter an agreement with the Kissoon Group of Companies to showcase the products which include furniture, handmade mats and carpets, ornaments, glassware, wall plaques and plastic utensils. Souri said Guyana's products will also be showcased in Iran, through the joint venture agreement.

The Iranian businessman said a branch will be established here to respond to the needs of Guyanese and to explore other areas of development.

"(We want) to have a mutual relationship", he said.

"I think we can use your lumber and have our experts come here and make furniture", Souri said.

He said the idea of the exhibition is to get acquainted with Guyanese traders and to get to know their needs.

"We want to help to produce what they need, and to make them self-sufficient", Souri told the Chronicle Sunday.

He said he has had discussions with Minister of Trade, Tourism and Industry, Mr Geoffrey Da Silva.

Mr Mohamed Khan of MFK Trading in Georgetown also signalled an intention to enter a joint venture agreement with Sadr Export House Company, Souri noted.

The exhibition ends next Tuesday, and according to Souri, he will be approaching local businesses to purchase the remainder of the exhibits if the items are not sold out.

Mr Joshua Safeek, President of the West Demerara/East Bank Essequibo Islands Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., who also visited the exhibition, indicated that Guyana's rice, jewellery, sugar cubes, the latter widely used in the Middle East, will be some products promoted through the joint venture agreement.

He said five years ago, a government delegation visited Brussels and an interest was shown in Guyana's rice. "We are hoping to reopen a link between the two countries. The Iranians have been knocking five years on our door for rice", Safeek pointed out.

He added that arrangements will be made for Souri and his team to visit Parika, East Bank Essequibo, where business activity is booming. (STACEY DAVIDSON)

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