Wet season to continue to August
- weather specialist

Guyana Chronicle
June 14, 2000

THE current wet season which has led to rising rivers and flooding in several parts of the country, is forecast to continue until August, Specialist Meteorologist in the Hydromet Department of the Ministry of Agriculture, Mr Kemp Simon said yesterday.

He told the Chronicle the tropical waves with thunderstorms are likely to continue past July.

It is expected though that the rainfall will begin to decrease somewhat by then.

Simon said the current heavy rains are as a result of tropical waves which produce thunderstorms.

This situation is now coupled with the La Nina phenomenon which is still active, though there is evidence that it has begun to weaken, he added.

Rainfall figures up to Monday show 148.3 millimetres (mm) and 165.3 mm.

The highest one-day rainfall recorded in Georgetown for the period was on Monday, a total of 56.3 metres.

At Timehri, a total of 41.8 mm of rain was recorded on June 10, making that the highest one-day for this month at that location.

Normal rainfall at the Botanical Garden and Timehri for the month should be 327.7mm and 337.3mm, respectively, he said.

Rainfall data for the last five years for the Botanical Gardens show the highest rainfall for June as 528.8 mm, occurring in 1996.

The highest one day recorded then was 85.0 mm, on June 8.

Meanwhile, a senior official in the Engineers Department of the City Council said drainage pumps at Kitty and Liliendaal are in operation daily, especially during the rainy season to drain off the excess water.

In addition, the main drainage canals in the city are being cleaned, among them the Avenue of the Republic, South Road and Church Street, to allow a free flow of water.

But the problem is compounded by residents who continue to "throw all kinds of garbage" into the trenches, the official said.

Asked about the apparent tardiness in cleaning some other main drainage trenches, the official said work is being executed according to the availability of funds.

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