Domestic killed in mini-bus accident

Guyana Chronicle
April 25, 2000

A HUSBAND watched in horror as a speeding mini-bus hit his wife, hurling her into the air as she was crossing the Timehri public road, East Bank Demerara.

Bharrat Persaud, 26, said his wife, Debra Serrao, 38, died on the spot in the accident Sunday night.

Serrao, a domestic, of Lot 27 Hill Street, Albouystown, Georgetown, was struck on her right side and the impact of the blow flung her body some 30 yards away, he said.

She landed face down in a corner on the roadway.

After hitting Serrao, the driver of the Route 42 (Georgetown/Timehri) mini-bus lost control and drove into some planks next to a shop on the Timehri public road, witnesses said.

The vehicle was at the Madewini Police Station, yesterday.

Serrao, who suffered massive internal bleeding, a broken right foot and ribs, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Georgetown Hospital.

Persaud, who said he shared a common law relationship with Serrao for six years, said he stood and watched as it happened.

The two spent most of Sunday as guests at a wedding at Lot 26 Timehri and were awaiting transportation when the accident occurred at around 2130 hrs (9:30 p.m.)

Persaud said Serrao was eager to return home that night but they and other relatives who were with them at the wedding found difficulty in getting a ride back to the city.

The couple spent some time waiting at the roadway and eventually decided to walk back to the wedding house and wait there for passing mini-buses, he said.

While Persaud stood talking with some friends, Serrao saw an approaching mini-bus and attempted to cross the road to board it.

She was mid-way on the road when the speeding mini-bus appeared suddenly in the dark and hit her from the side and sent her hurtling through the air, Persaud said.

He said his attempt to warn Serrao about the vehicle came too late.

Persaud said he went over to his wife's lifeless body and knew instantly that she was dead.

He said he had to pretend she was still alive so that someone would quickly take her to the hospital.

Persaud said he and other relatives managed to lift her body and place it in the same mini-bus she had wanted to board for her journey home.