SOFTECH introduces WINDOWS 2000

Guyana Chronicle
April 16, 2000

SOFTECH, an almost two-year old Education, Sales and Service Centre, in Forshaw Street, in the City, introduced Microsoft computer programme, WINDOWS 2000, to the Guyanese public, on Wednesday.

The seminar was held under the theme `Innovative Technological Business Solutions & Standards for a Modern Guyana', at Le Meridien, Pegasus.

The occasion was also used to formally launch the institution, which aims to provide quality computer hardware and software, and high level training and certification to organisations and individuals.

Business Development Manager, Microsoft Corporation, Trinidad and Tobago, Mr George Gobin, introduced the software programme.

Gobin, using a laptop computer and video to introduce the new programme, said that WINDOWS 2000 is the greatest leap forward in technology made to date.

The programme, he explained, is offered in four different packages and has proven to be safe, reliable and consistent.

Gobin noted that some 600, 000 people have tested the software and 35, 000 employees of Microsoft are also using same.

At the seminar, there was also a display of software assembled by SOFTECH, WINDOWS 2000 manuals and other computer reading material.

Among senior SOFTECH officials present were Vice President, Miami-based Mr David Reyes; Managing Director, Dr Wendy Hazel; Training Manager, Mrs Carlotta Walcott and Technical Services Director, Mr Holden Mathieson.

Dr Hazel, who has a wealth of experience in Management and Information Technology having worked at the Central Bank of Guyana for 23 years, the last three as a Director of the MIS Department, said in opening remarks that the company offers large corporate entities, government and non-governmental organisations and private companies, products and services that are customised to meet their specific needs.

The company seeks too, to ensure maximum returns on their investments in information technology and human resources.

But, its ultimate goal is to provide an exemplary model of professionalism in information technology education through the content, media environment and management of its courses.

The company, she added, is staffed by skilled and qualified professionals with competence in the fields of computer sales, training and service and maintenance.

SOFTECH's Education Centre, is the first certification centre in Guyana for Microsoft products, and is also the first Testing Centre for Virtual University Enterprise in Guyana and an authorised reseller of Microsoft Press.

Dr Hazel, who underscored the need for computer technology in Guyana, said that though some inroads have been made in the area of information technology, there is still need for heavy investment if the country is to keep in line.

Remarking that the nation on a whole should be exposed to new technology, Dr Hazel emphasised the need for access which according to her, is the key to computer literacy.

She cautioned that the situation should not be allowed to exist where some have access and others do not.

And alluding to the age of globalisation, she said it should be a duty of businesses to ensure that staff is adequately trained to cope with new and ever-changing technological trends.

And Reyes, speaking with the Chronicle, said he was motivated to establish a SOFTECH office here, after dealing for some time with customers from Guyana.

"I realised that our customers needed better support ... an extensive research which was conducted showed a lack of education in computer literacy and standards," the SOFTECH top official said.

Reyes lauded the effort being made by government towards getting the country modernised by allowing the purchase of more software, so that people can become computer literate even before they venture into the work arena. (WENDELLA DAVIDSON)