Berbice workshop links alcohol abuse to suicides, too

Guyana Chronicle
April 13, 2000

A WORKSHOP on domestic violence awareness in Berbice has identified alcohol abuse as the major contributing factor towards the increasing incidence of suicide, too.

Participants expressed their concern over anti-social behaviour and the negative effect of illiteracy and ignorance among youths and adults.

The need for women to be educated on the Domestic Violence Act was also emphasised at the session organised by Number 68 Roadside Baptist Church Skills Training Centre and facilitated by Help and Shelter with funding from United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The 34 females who participated were drawn from various religious organisations, amongst public sector workers and other interest groups.

Having been sensitised to the causes of domestic violence, they suggested that the Police, in collaboration with Health Ministry officials and big Upper Corentyne employers, educate the general public on related issues.

Black Bush Polder women lamented that suicidal tendency is a major problem in that community and said the four settlements - Mibicuri, Yakusari, Lesbeholden and Joanna - need upgrading, socially.

The human development programme was aimed at curbing domestic violence and other undesirable acts by taking collective action to eradicate such societal ills.