Flooding reported at Charity

Guyana Chronicle
April 6, 2000

FLOOD waters reaching some three feet at about mid-morning yesterday, forced several prominent business places at Charity, Essequibo to close, reports said.

Residents said the flood was caused by heavy rains and excessive high tides, and among the businesses affected were the Zenon Hotel and the Charity Amazon Market.

Chief Executive Officer of the Alfro Alphonso Group of Companies, Mr Steve Hemraj confirmed that the Zenon Hotel owned by Mr Alphonso, was under water.

He said it was the first time that flood waters had reached the ground floor of the hotel.

Like some other residents, Hemraj blamed the situation on inadequate drainage in the community.

One resident said the main drainage outlet, a koker, is being repaired and the Regional Administration has put no alternate measures in place to aid the drainage of water during this period.

Residents feared more floods if there were more rains overnight.

The swelling of the Pomeroon River and overtopping of the bank is an ongoing problem which residents of Charity and Pomeroon experience with excessive high tides.

Mostly affected during this period are residents of the Lower Pomeroon, who have made repeated calls for the dredging of the channel/Pomeroon River mouth to ease the problem.