Thoughts on the eradication of racial discrimination

by Mr David de Groot
Guyana Chronicle
March 30, 2000

INTERNATIONAL Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination was observed the World over on March 21. For us in Guyana the significance should be most pervasive given the heightened tension of racial animosity that is openly promoted by the leading aspirant to the presidency of our country. The genuine belief and proudness of being black was unmistakenly apparent in the make-up of the man to whom this present day aspirant should be eternally grateful. There was absolutely no expediency in embracing black interests and there was never any doubt about his conviction and genuine belief in being a proud black man. The politician he was, ensured that he remained astute in confronting blackness.

Unfortunately, today we have in our midst someone without these cultured attributes, employing expediency and believing that political mileage is being gained, oblivious to the dangerous consequences; maybe it does not matter to him. The demography of our country underscores the futility of practising racial discrimination and thus the need to support the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

In Guyana, cannot we Guyanese abandon the despicable and shameless self-delusion of contrived proudness in the perpetuation of racial division. I ask that we examine ourselves in a meaningful way with a view to being totally true in respect to individual beliefs affecting ethnic harmony. It is seriously demeaning and absolutely pitiful when I am confronted by fellow Guyanese displaying this seemingly churlish behaviour analogous to "Birds of a feather" sticking together. The only birds so far as Guyanese are concerned that should "stick together" is a Guyana bird. Abandon the churlish behaviour of identifying Negro birds, Indian birds, Chinese birds, etc. Racial discrimination is abhorrent and if we Guyanese are genuinely concerned about the welfare of our nation state, we will all raise our voices in unison and condemn the charlatan parading as a politician practising racial division in our country! We have to support the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

This airing of views must be shared with another topic and that is, the proposed venture of satellites launching by Guyana, through the technical expertise of the private American company, Beal Aerospace Technologies.

The entry into Guyana by this American private corporation and resultant investment of several million US dollars, is most welcome and quite exciting. The advantages, opportunities, and economic benefits are so enormous that it is difficult for some petulant Guyanese to appreciate. There is also the political jealousy that is involved in this successful effort of attracting private overseas investment of the magnitude anticipated.

All patriotic Guyanese are behind the Government's effort to attract this venture into Guyana. The fact that other countries, including Brazil, have shown keen interest in getting these investors to utilise their resources, impose upon Guyana the urgency to resolve all issues and to arrive at a mutually satisfactory agreement. The petulant squeakers should direct their attention to the fact that other overseas investors, in particular one that when their operations are finished, Guyana will be left with a crater, after extracting our God given wealth to the tune of several hundred million US dollars