GB&GWU salutes women

Guyana Chronicle
March 12, 2000

THE Guyana Bauxite and General Workers Union (GB&GWU) has paid tribute to Guyanese women, particularly working women, on the occasion of International Women's Day, celebrated on Wednesday.

"We salute those women who are members of our own Union and who serve at Bermine's Everton and Kwakwani operations, Omai Gold Mines Limited, the Linden Utility Cooperative Society and women members of our sister mining unions, the National Mining and General Workers' Union and the Guyana Mines, Metals and General Workers' Union," a release from the Union said.

The GB&GWU said it takes pride in the active role which women continue to play at the leadership level of the Union.

"At the level of the Central Executive, the GB&GWU boasts a woman Treasurer while the Sodexho Branch (the service arm of the Omai Gold Mines Limited) boasts a woman President," the statement added.

The Branch Executive of the Everton Branch of the Union also has female members, and at Kwakwani, women play a leading role in the affairs of the Union.

Last September, the GB&GWU organised seminars for women members of the three mining unions, out of which the Women Miners Association was developed.

Since its creation, the Association has played a pivotal role in organising women's activities at the various mining sites and in ensuring the protection of the rights of women workers.

Its programme of activities for this year includes a seminar on HIV/AIDS and the workplace.

The Union said it will also pay particular attention towards ensuring that women secure as much access as their male counterparts to leadership training programmes.

The GB&GWU has drafted and updated clauses with the re-negotiation of its Collective Labour Agreement, on sexual harassment, maternity protection and other aspects of women's rights which it expects to have included in any new Collective Labour Agreements.