Society must recognise importance of women's role -- says WPO

Guyana Chronicle
March 8, 2000

THE Women's Progressive Organisation (WPO) is of the view that International Women's Day is a time for society to recognise the importance of women's roles.

In their message to mark International Women's Day (IWD), the WPO said: "Today, the WPO salutes Guyanese women on this special day. Let every March 8 be a day of sharing and strenghtening our bonds as women across all differences, united as a force for a single cause for the good of women and inevitably for the entire society."

"The upward mobility of women should take centre stage in all our actions, this call should be a single, but clear call for all Guyanese women to support and to join hands in celebrating our achievements and taking the process forward," WPO noted.

It added that the idea to celebrate International Women's Day was mooted in 1910 to focus on women and their role in society.

"To renew this focus, 1975 was designated International Women's Year, the focus being on equal status of women and the possibilities of advancing their positions and participation in development."

The WPO said it has been celebrating International Women's Day since 1952 and is happy that each year more and more women are marking this day.

"The WPO thanks its membership for their contribution towards the rich history of women's advancement in the political, economic and social spheres in Guyana sometimes alone and at other times by the combined efforts of other women groups who rallied together on issues which affected women. Members must resolve to work and strenghten their demand for a better place and greater heights for all women."

"The younger generation will need to be inspired and encouraged by women leaders of our time whose successes in the fight for equality will leave an impression and impact on their lives," the statement continued.

"The earlier leaders who fought battles in the period when such ideas were not acceptable by institutions, families and individuals are to be remembered for blazing the trail and laying the foundation for today's advocates to follow and build on," the release added.

The organisation thanked President of the WPO, former President Mrs Janet Jagan for her role in the development of Guyanese women's "consciousness and their entry into the political and economic arena for a better life based on equality and social justice."

The WPO also acknowledged the progress made by the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security for the preparation of policies and Bills, which were enacted and geared to affect the positive lives of women.