GT&T introduces Seven-Digit System numbering system

Guyana Chronicle
January 8, 2001

THE Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GT&T) is making arrangements for members of the public to become familiar with the company's soon-to-be-implemented Seven-Digit Numbering System.

A GT&T statement said a complete list with the format for each area will be in this month's bill, which will be in the post soon.

The guidelines will also be published in the national media, the statement said.

The changeover will be implemented nation-wide and will be effective from February 1, except for some hinterland areas.

The hinterland exchanges will undergo the change this month. Lethem is scheduled for January 15, Port Kaituma and Mabaruma for January 18, Ituni for January 23 and Kwakwani for January 24.

According to GT&T, as of these dates customers served by those exchanges will have to use the Seven-Digit System to reach other customers served by the same exchange.

"Persons in Lethem would have to call each other using the new Seven-Digit Number. Persons calling into those exchanges will also be required to dial the new Seven-Digit Number," the statement explained.

In the meantime, customers now have to call 092 for Directory Information and will receive information required through an automated voice response. This development is in keeping with GT&T's on-going upgrading programme, the phone company said in another release last week.

Requests will be received by the staff of the Operator Services and processed by computers. Callers will be given their requested numbers in the Seven-Digit format.

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