Women criticised

Barbados Nation
June 15, 1999

PENTECOSTAL minister Lucille Baird has lambasted the 400-odd Barbadian women who flocked to see the Chippendale strip dancers over the weekend.

Baird told the DAILY NATION she was of the view that the future generation was in crisis when women see these shows as exciting.

“It really stinks and has to be viewed as disgusting. I think that these women really need help, if this is what they see as exciting.

“A lot of them are mothers and potential mothers. Imagine that these are people who are supposed to be imparting values to the future generation. What kind of values can they pass on?” she asked.

Saturday night’s show, held at the After Dark Nightclub, featured four Chippendale dancers who teased and stripped right down to their G-strings to the delight of the women.

“We are really in crisis when you have 400 women involve in something like this. The fact that most of them seem to be from the middle and upper class makes it worse, because many of them will have the wherewithal and influence to impact on our society in one form or fashion,” she said.

The minister also lashed out at THE NATION newspaper for the prominence it gave to the show. (Photographic coverage was given on the back page of the SUNDAY SUN and the front page of yesterday’s DAILY NATION).

“I am surprised at the front page recognition it has been given by the NATION. I don’t understand why a newspaper would sensationalise something that is morally degrading for women.

“I am disgusted that the NATION newspaper has given male stripping such publicity. It is giving young people the notion that this is exciting, is the way to go and that this is acceptable,” Baird said.

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