How can Good Friday be observed on the same day as Phagwah?

Stabroek News
December 28, 2001

Dear Editor,

I was very surprised to have read in the newspapers that Good Friday and Phagwah will be celebrated on the same day next year March 29, 2002. I don't think that there's anyone to blame for this 'mishap' except the dates themselves, but I really am disappointed about this.

How can these two holidays be celebrated on the same day? These two religious holidays are celebrated in purely opposite fashions. Phagwah - celebration, festival of colours, and the beginning of Spring for Hindus; and Good Friday - virtually the opposite. I wouldn't use the word celebration, but 'observance,' remembrance, and reflection of Jesus Christ's crucifixion on the cross. Christians observe that day very solemnly and we spend that day silently reflecting on the significance of Good Friday. All of this will be taking place whilst our Hindu brothers and sisters will be out and about celebrating Phagwah.

You see, these two holidays are very, very different in nature and opposites in terms of their observance. No hard feelings, Hindus, but I really don't know how Christians will observe Good Friday come next year while some will be celebrating the joyous festival of Phagwah at the same time. Something really needs to be done. A lot of Guyanese will be very annoyed at this. March 29, 2002 will be a day in Guyana's history.