Eusi, please help me recover my dog Tiger

Stabroek News
December 25, 2001

Dear Editor,

Some weeks ago, there was an interesting letter concerning the treatment of animals on the streets of Georgetown.
Upon reading the letter, I couldn't help thinking about the Dobermans and creole dogs that are in my care. I take great care of these animals, a vet is consulted if there is any suspicion of ailments, these animals are fed on a regular basis and bathed at least four times per week. You see, these are not like pets anymore, the caretaker has developed a deep attachment to these animals.

The Caretaker is deeply grieved over the daylight kidnapping of one of the Dobermans that answers to the name of Tiger. It is somewhat similar to Jacob's grief over the loss of his son Joseph. I hope my appeal to law abiding citizens in Buxton and Melanie will see to it that my doberman pup is returned into my care.

At a time when many have withheld investing in Guyana, I chose to stay on course since 1988. Over the years, I had employed many individuals from the surrounding areas in carpentry, masons, labourers, the services of horse cart men to transport supplies for our construction projects. Many, many times, there were break-ins into the complex and yet I wasn't deterred. It is my desire to create sustainable employment for a substantial portion of the residents in the surrounding areas. The transfer of technology, skills training, securing of funds to encourage self-employment of those with skills to manufacture marketable products, the development of overseas markets. Simply to give and contribute to my countrymen to ease their burdens-Guyana has formed me, how can I give up in despair.

Concerned over the path my country was heading, through your publication I appealed and offered to walk with Mr. Eusi Kwayana to every village in Guyana and try to heal our wound that eats at our souls, later Pastor Ivor John through your publication offered to join in that journey.

I, now appeal to you again Mr. Kwayana to try to talk some sense into the individuals who have done a wrong thing. As I have written before, several times I was around as a child at Rosignol Society Hall-too young to get the gist of your speeches but old enough that I should remember Mr. Syndey King.

Now, I am at your back door after fifty years, trying to give my country a dream that you and so many others have wished for us. Perhaps destiny wills this, that my doberman pup Tiger might make a good thing happen-justice from the community.

The daylight kidnapping of Tiger took place around 5.00pm on Wednesday November 28, 2001. Two horse cart buddies had some drinks, on their way home, saw my Tiger on the street, standing tall, erect with its neck outstretched and its black hair glistening from the afternoon sun. A beautiful sight, they decided to chase the animal down and quickly made their way with it and without any fear.

The individuals involved are one of Indian descent who lives in Lusignan(name given) and the other is of African descent who lives in Melanie and frequents Buxton where my pup is held and being trained as a hunting dog (name given).

I don't expect the police will look into this trivial matter, besides I prefer peace with my neighbours, they make better fences.

Yours faithfully,
Lionel M. Persaud

Editor's note:
We suggest you let Mr Kwayana have the details of the men involved which we cannot publish.