Left wing politics destroyed us
Stabroek News
December 20, 2001

Dear Editor,

I am always impressed by the letters that appear in this column. They are informative and the standard in terms of factual information is high.

I read the letter [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] (18/12/01) comparing Guyana to Singapore. It is my opinion that we parted ways in the 60s in terms of development. I feel that the difference lies in the leaders we have chosen and in ourselves.

If it were not for the introduction of Communism in our politics in the fifties Burnham would not have been given the chance to get into the leadership role in the sixties and destroy our country.

When Burnham was in power the African Guyanese would sing his praises even as they were boarding the plane to the US. Likewise the Indo-Guyanese still sing the PPP's and Mrs Jagan's praises even though they are boarding the plane to North America.

We need a clean slate and this should start with owning up to the cause of our downfall.

Yours faithfully,

P. Rampersaud