The answer is an independent investigation
Stabroek News
December 19, 2001

Dear Editor,

The alleged actions and utterances of the Minister of Health with respect to members of the medical profession at the New Amsterdam Hospital and his myopic response to the tragedy that visited that institution have been viewed by a misguided few as being in the interest of the poor.

It would be remiss of me as president of the Medical Association if I did not represent the view of the profession since it is the majority of doctors who help and protect the poor of this nation not those who are in a perpetual political campaign mode.

Poverty comes with two handmaids, injustice and ignorance. Defenders of the poor seek to remove these two indicators.

The rule of law, which reflects a just system, is what offers protection to the poor, not lawlessness. Ignorance can be minimised with the establishment of a fair system that makes available to all the knowledge and resources of the society.

For the Minister to be given credit for defending the poor he must uphold the rule of law and strive to establish a proper system of health care.

I can understand the economic and human constraints in achieving the latter but it takes only strength of character to uphold the former.

An independent investigation conducted by persons beyond reproach into the incident involving the Minister will demonstrate the rule of law. This will serve to protect the underprivileged and the poor.

Yours faithfully,

Robert George MD

President, Guyana Medical Association