Looking after the homeless
Stabroek News
December 16, 2001

Dear Editor,

It is with sadness that I have observed a growing number of homeless individuals on our streets, especially in our capital city Georgetown.

Can't we put these less fortunate ones into some specially built homes, the same way we have done via the Cheshire Home (for spastic children) or Uncle Eddie's Home for the elderly.

This situation will definitely exert adverse effects on society and should not be allowed to deteriorate. For instance, it will undoubtedly deal a blow to the tourism industry.

Yours faithfully,

Randolph Sue

Editor's note:

A bond near the police station at east La Penitence was made into a night shelter in 2000 by then Minister of Human Services and Social Security Indra Chandarpal.

Homeless people can go there in the evening from about 6.00 pm, have a bath and a hot meal and sleep there. There is also an outdoor benab where they can stay during the day if they wish.

The shelter also has two buses which pick up homeless people around the city every evening and take them to the shelter. Some prefer to sleep on the streets but quite a few take advantage of the facilities.