Holy texts are pre-scientific
Stabroek News
December 8, 2001

Dear Editor,

P. Bhagwandas in his letter "the Quran is transcendental" [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] (SN 06/12/01) suggested that my letter "Holy texts based on man's knowledge at that time" (SN 23/11/01) may be anti-Islamic. In that letter I referred not only to the Quran, but to the Torah or Old Testament and highlighted some statements reportedly revealed by God himself that appear outdated today. If these were the facts when the holy texts were revealed, then the laws of nature have changed and God has revealed the new laws through scientific discoveries. The following are examples of revelations in the Koran that contradict the new laws of nature:

Sun sets at night in a muddy spring (18:85-86); the moon is a light (71:15-16); the stars are missiles used to drive away Jinns (genies) who stand on each other's shoulder from earth to eavesdrop on heaven (67:5); the earth is flat like a carpet with the mountains as pegs (15:19, 16:15), the sun moves around a fixed earth to create shadows (25:45-46) and so on.

The Christian and Hebrew texts also have outdated revelations, for example: Plant life existed before sunlight was created (Genesis 1:11-18); the earth does not move (1 Chronicles 16:30); the moon has a light (Isaiah 13:10, Matthew 24:29); the earth has four corners (Isaiah 11:12) and so on.

Yours faithfully,

Kingsley Harrop