The Quran is transcendental
Stabroek News
December 6, 2001

Dear Editor,

Reference is made to a letter captioned "Holy texts based on man's knowledge at that time" [ please note: link provided by LOSP web site ] under the name 'Kingsley Harrop (SN 23/11/01).

The letter says: "...the Quran was written based on Man's knowledge and social interaction at the time it was written". That statement implies that the Quran is an out-of-date text and would become irrelevant to human needs and aspirations as time progresses.

Harrop's statement is either due to ignorance or a reflection of the current anti-Islam bandwagon. Muslims and many non-Muslims believe that the Holy Quran was revealed by God himself to the Holy Prophet, Muhammad Mustapha (OWBP) and as such is transcendental and eternal just as the divinely inspired scriptures of all the major religions are. To try to denigrate and insult Islam and the Holy Quran is therefore equally an attack on Hinduism and Christianity and their scriptures.

Over one billion Muslims will always regard the Holy Quran as a permanent point of reference for man which will always be relevant until the end of time.

Yours faithfully,

P Bhagwandas