Guyana should aim for a local flag carrier to encourage tourism
Stabroek News
December 4, 2001

Dear sir

I have been reading with interest the comments regarding the request of BWIA to be the new Guyanese flag carrier. My parents left Guyana in the 1960s to find a prosperous life in the UK. Whilst very successful, and having raised three children who have now grown up, they are making plans to return to Guyana, with the knowledge and valuable skills necessary to help build a Guyana that can compete confidently with the rest of the world in commerce, tourism and world status.

I think you would agree that your country needs loyal people and their experiences would be valuable in building a new country, others would like to trade and co-operate with.

As a child of a Guyanese, I too share in their affinity with their country, that is abundant in natural beauty and the potential to better itself.

I have been giving some thought to the building of your economy, in particular your flag carrier. My experience and skills are purely in the field of aviation. Currently, I am a FAA Commercial Pilot, with Multi engine and Instrument rating. I have 300 hrs total time. I am currently waiting to finish my JAA Frozen ATPL training. This will enable me to fly for hire with less restrictions than the FAA qualification. I also hold valid FAA and JAA Class1 medicals.

From an aviation point of view, your country is one that has great potential to better itself. I believe that an improved aviation communication system will be very beneficial to you. This needs to be done before you think of creating / resurrecting your national carrier. It will open up trade and commerce opportunities that will bring very quick dividends. Such examples are:

Encouraging research into your wildlife and ecology"
"Tourism, both in the 'normal' family holiday and 'Thrill' holidays for those individuals, such as University undergraduates, and middle aged professionals who want to visit the Amazon area and incorporate Guyana in that tour, after all, why give Brazil all the business"?
"General exchange of ideas in the fields of arts and crafts".

Creating your own new carrier and opening up your airspace to such tours / expeditions will soon pay for other elements such as hotels, tourist attractions and other points of interest.

I really believe Guyanese should work together to provide these services. Why let outsiders take advantage when Guyanese nationals and their families have the expertise after all aren't we all part of the bigger Guyanese family?

As part of training for the JAA Licence, I have covered many areas of navigation and Instrument flight. I, as well as other trained nationals and their descendants could possibly serve in an advisory role, to help transform your airspace into that which yours and other airlines, corporate operators and package tour operators will find very attractive, thus bringing money into the Guyanese economy, and creating thousands of jobs. I'm sure if your Caribbean counterparts have done it so can you.

Please feel free to contact me if you feel any of this would be worthwhile.

Yours faithfully,

Anthony Goolab