We need more public libraries
Stabroek News
November 30, 2001

Dear Editor,

I endorse the letter by Rakesh Rampertab, under the heading, "We need many more literary exhibitions" (20.ll.200l).

We need more public libraries in different parts of the country.

The Ministry of Education ought to make available to all schools, books that can reach the soul of our students and teachers, not just the normal textbooks for examinations. I can't remember entering any nursery school and seeing a library!

Also, books are being sold at too high a price in bookstores, where only the wealthy can buy.

At Linden the Public Library has beautiful surroundings, it can be better utilized if benches, tables/desks and lights are placed within this compound, where persons can, after the library is closed at 6pm, enter the compound and read, write, recite poems or just plain sit and think. With a security hut on site, they can be allowed to remain until 10pm.

Is there some one listening? I hope so.

Yours faithfully,

Frank Fyffe