We need a new national airline
Stabroek News
November 29, 2001

Dear Editor,

I found it a bit worrisome that some would suggest that BWIA, a foreign airline, become the flag carrier of Guyana. This one tops all of the ridiculous suggestions concerning Guyana as an independent country.

We need a new national airline. Guyana needs to examine whether it will be better to lease or to buy two passenger planes. I suggest that the government purchase at least two new planes for the new national airline. These planes will be filled with passengers and cargo on each run and there are no reasons why they cannot pay for themselves. So far the government has not made any effort to capitalize on the skills of overseas Guyanese. I encourage it to begin doing so.

With the purchase of each ticket, passengers may opt for a share in the airline. It may be a tenth or quarter of a single share and up to a maximum of five shares by means of ticket purchases by any individual passenger. This will result in a reliable clientele for business purposes and a source of ready cash for the airline, which Guyanese can really call their own.

There are other inducements which can be offered that will augur well for a minimum two-plane fleet of the national airline.

Yours faithfully,

Balwant Prasad