Where is the vision?
Stabroek News
November 29, 2001

Dear Editor,

Not for the want of repeating, but what do we achieve by continuously bashing the 'other' about mistakes of the past? Of course, there are lessons from the past that we have to learn, blah, blah, blah! What about the present and the future? When will the two parties and some of their blindly loyal supporters not realize that to live in the past is to forsake the future? Why can't they appreciate that there are things that are wrong now?

So what if the PNC under whichever administration did whatever? Is that to say that it is okay for the PPP/C to do nothing about what is wrong now? So what if GNCB was inherited with all of those 'diseased' issues? Is it now right, nine years later, to say it is not our problem and that is why it's not yet fixed?

Truthfully. I like many other Guyanese am on the verge of giving up on those who contend as leaders and social commentators. I am of the firm belief that not only can they not see beyond their noses but they don't want to, and it suits their causes. And we wonder why Guyana has stagnated or has even regressed. Where is the vision people? Show me the vision.

Yours faithfully,

Merrill Hyman Sr.