'Sixhead' boxing gym, reality or myth?
Stabroek News
November 29, 2001

Dear Editor,

With so many of Guyana's boxers on the world scene one would have expected the Government to be inspired and provide the facilities promised to produce more world rated fighters.

In the euphoria of Andrew `Sixhead' Lewis' success in winning Guyana's first world boxing title, there were many promises made including the much touted construction of the Gym in Lewis' honour in his home ward in Albouystown.

This promise however, seems to be dying a natural death like the one made for the national football stadium.

To date nothing more has been heard of the project since the highly publicised completion of the blueprint. One finds it difficult to comprehend Government's tardiness in getting this eagerly anticipated promise off the ground.

We were told that the funding was already approved and it was only left to get the contractors to start the ball rolling.

However, it seems that ball is stuck somewhere in the muddy confines of the Young Achievers club building from which the new construction is to be realised.

It seems we will have to wait until Wayne Braithwaithe wins this country's second world title for these seemingly non-sports conscious politicians to be fully appreciative of the importance of sports success, before anything is done.

Government could never repay our boxing and other sports ambassadors for putting this country on the world map. It cannot take a lifetime to build two gyms.

Yours faithfully

Rene Bentick