Knocking Guyana on Oprah show
Stabroek News
November 28, 2001

Dear Editor,

I am a student attending university in the USA. I am a proud Guyanese, and was appalled by the gross misrepresentation of my country on international television. Those Guyanese who depicted our country as being a 'hell hole' and who were blatant enough to make implications of suppression towards their race should be ashamed of themselves.

I always tell persons here in the USA of the positive attributes of our country. Every country has problems, our problems should not be exaggerated. We are much better off than many developing countries.

All Guyanese both in Guyana and overseas should be proud of Guyana. It is the land of our birth. If we don't respect our country others will not respect us. I am pleased that Miss Guyana World 2001 was given the opportunity to give the world a positive view of our country.

Yours faithfully,

Fabiana Dior