Internet Service Providers should reduce their fees
Stabroek News
November 23, 2001

Dear Editor,

Over the past couple of years Guyanese were introduced to the information super highway, the internet. This was possible, through the efforts of our local phone company- GT&T and the establishment of internet service providers (ISPS).

Today, there are numerous ISPS in Guyana, with new ones evolving each day. I am sure that every person with a phone and a computer would like to be connected to the internet, but not everyone is financially equipped to pay high connection fees and expensive monthly internet bills.

My call is for ISPS to start reducing their charges to clients and for internet services. Competition will be good. The fees are too expensive. I don't think that access to the internet should be something that's costly, but with the fees now charged persons desirous of connecting to the internet will think twice, and pass up the idea.

In North America, internet fees are charged from as low as 20 dollars (US and Cdn.)- and unlimited access, too. When the money is converted to Guyanese currency, it doesn't even come close to what some ISPS charge for 30 hours per month.

Yours faithfully,

Leon Suseran