Has this new track been recognised by the horse racing authorities?
Stabroek News
November 21, 2001

Dear Editor,

I was restraining myself for the longest while to pen this letter hoping that some sense would have prevailed with the organizers of a so called "Horse Race Track" in Demerara .

This "Race Track" is not a recognized facility from my understanding, talking to senior members of the Guyana Horse Racing Authority. Horse racing or any other sport the world over is run under the supervision and with the approval of regulatory bodies. The people responsible for administering the country's affairs, including the government, must take blame for allowing this lawlessness to continue in most of the sporting disciplines in this country.

The Government should make land available for the expansion of recreational facilities to recognised sporting administrations. What about the land at Little Diamond that was earmarked for a stadium and horse racing facility.

Most of the top horses are not racing in Demerara as they are not satisfied with the quality of the track.

I am informed that the Guyana Horse Racing Authority has recognized dates for various tracks, Port Mourant December 2nd and 9th, Kennard Memorial Turf Club 26th and 30th December, Rising Sun Turf Club New Year's Day. I see the administration of the Demerara track is running off a meeting on the 26th December, which will clash with one in Berbice. There would have to be over two hundred horses in training to support this. They will also compete for sponsors and patrons.

Yours faithfully,

Owner (name and address supplied)