Better English please
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November 17, 2001

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Dear Editor,

Each and every day both in the daily newspapers and where the radio and TV are concerned, several times per day, readers of our local papers and listeners to the various radio and TV stations are assaulted by the bad grammar, spelling, mis-pronounced names of persons and places.

To my mind some of the root causes are (a) a younger generation of journalists who have little or no knowledge of English Grammar and (b) the younger generation's desire to change things to suit themselves, thinking that only people of their own age group read and listen to what they have to say; forgetting or ignoring the fact that there is an older generation who are better educated and with much higher standards than those that they espouse.

As I see it one necessary step which has to be taken to correct this situation is this: all media houses should take immediate steps to collectively acquire a suitable building in which to house and staff their own school of journalism and from which only its graduates will be allowed to be employed by the media.

Secondly, under the proposed amended to the Post and Telegraph Act Chapter 47:0l, Government should collect in excess of $6.5 million in licence fees from the various media houses, which sum it is my humble submission should go by way of grant to this school, this being another limb on the tree of education.

Yours faithfully,

R. Joseph Eleazar