Let go of the herb now
Stabroek News
November 15, 2001

Dear Editor,

According to the man made law [wall] that was handed down to us by the white man, using the cannabis plant makes me a criminal. This means that if I interact with this natural herb on a consistent basis over a significant period of my life, I can be considered a career criminal.

The sad reality is that the officials of the judicial system are being used for an evil and sinister purpose. The colonialists have put in place a brutal system aimed at rooting out, destroying and stifling the life of the youths who dare to rebel against the wicked system. Many of us know this truth but are afraid of being associated with the herb. Instead they resort to hiding and burning, pretending as though the horror does not exist.

The people who impose restrictions on ganja are those people who support, promote and glorify alcohol consumption, which can only produce negative results. Marijuana promotes love, pure thought, clear vision and it enhances the use of the third eye. This is the most feared aspect of this herb, since it creates the conditions for a freethinking mind to develop.

The fight against the herb is led by the pharmaceutical, tobacco, alcohol and entertainment industries that will lose billions of dollars if this wonderful plant is allowed to grow freely in my backyard. The judicial and law enforcement officials can't deny that they have become dependent on personal finances accruing from persecution of their own people in the name of ganja.

Ask the head of the prison system how many hours he thinks the prison can run without the presence of this sacred herb. Ask the police commissioner how many ounces are required, per day for the police force to function. In the UK they recently noted that 90,000 people are charged per year for cannabis related offences. It is important to note that the number of persons charged is a small percentage of the total users [criminals]. UK officials are now considering decriminalizing the herb while restricting its sale to outlets identified by the authorities. Utter madness I call it. After years of destroying innocent lives by throwing them into dungeons for living with the herb, it is now safe to sell it at government-controlled outlets. Pure hypocrisy.

The Jamaican government recently completed a study, which proved that they had no choice but to free the herb. The presumptuous white man flew from America to say no way. He reminded them that some educated fools had signed conventions tying their hands in this respect. I know that Guyana is also bound by these conventions, and they basically say that if we don't destroy the lives of our young people by jailing them for indulging in what nature has to offer, then we can't get AID [AIDS] from them. We also sign conventions that guarantee we will receive AID [AIDS] if we make it legal and right for a man to mount another man's back in the name of sexual freedumb.

The deception must stop now. Don't tell me that I will not be allowed to possess a few grams and not a pound or an acre. The smallest child can't be fooled by this con. Let go of the herb now and you may be spared from having to pay compensation for the thousands of lives destroyed directly and indirectly in this senseless witch-hunt over the years.

I am sure that Forbes, Fidel, George Washington, Bill Clinton as well as Victoria who stands guard at the courts will agree.

Yours faithfully,

Derek Allicock