Giving Guyana a bad name
Stabroek News
November 8, 2001

Dear Editor,

I was perturbed when I heard of a piece of bad promotion on The Oprah Winfrey Show by a group of Guyanese. I had the opportunity of seeing the replay on VCT on Sunday 4th, November.

There it was, Guyana was placed among war-stricken countries such as Bosnia, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Ethiopia and Pakistan.

I cried for my country when viewing this show and the image projected globally of Guyana. The problems we have are not limited to Guyana. Poverty, illiteracy and other social problems are not Guyanese problems but global ones.

The United Nations recognises this and has declared a decade to fight against poverty and the UNDP is here to provide aid with the government and NGOs. I wonder if those Guyanese who appeared on the programme to say why they had gone into exile have done any humanitarian work to help Guyana and its nationals?

Guyanese nationals in London, Washington, Canada, New York, the Caribbean and elsewhere are doing commendable charitable work out of patriotism, passion and dedication. They have not worked in vain and should be hailed for their tireless and steadfast support and efforts.

I am a patriot of my beloved Guyana and that Oprah show has made me stronger. It is time for all Guyanese to be in unison to work for a common good - the development of Guyana.

Proud I am of my country for its many strides made in becoming independent and a republic.

We have produced distinguished sons and daughters who are proud in carrying the Guyana torch and serve as beacons for us to be proud of.

At this time I call for all to be introspective and to ask why we allow elections to paralyse us and how we can work in concert. Guyana has great flora, fauna, people and national resources in abundance. The words of the national anthem and pledge; and the symbolism of the flag and coat-of-arms are our national patrimony. This must mean something.

Yours faithfully,

Jermaine Grant