A culture of lawlessness prevails
Stabroek News
November 8, 2001

Dear Editor,

Lawlessness has become the strongest culture in Guyana. Lawlessness becomes a culture when as in Guyana the government turns a blind eye to lawlessness.

Bandits with guns are not the only criminals e,g. not branding cattle, having animals straying on public roads, obstructing traffic by (storing building materials, mixing concrete, drying paddy on roads etc.), selling alcoholic beverages without a licence to do so, abusive language in public places, littering the city and countryside, noise nuisance, squatting. It is illegal for licenced vehicles to park within 30 feet of a road junction but it seems OK for stalls and hand carts to obstruct the junctions.

Because of the culture of lawlessness, the government is not in control. SN Sat 06 Oct 01. P2 "No classes at city schools. Ministry says no, but teachers rally anyhow".

Mothers in black are, sadly, wasting their time seeking new laws, there are enough traffic laws but because of the culture of lawlessness the laws are not being enforced. The requirements to save lives on the roads are safe roads, safe vehicles, safe drivers and the enforcement of the traffic laws. All of these lie in the hands of the government.

The educational system should put more emphasis on moral discipline, English and Mathematics and less emphasis on social studies at the levels of kindergarten to high schools,

thereafter social studies should be an option.

Good money sense is required to generate wealth. We should reduce our reliance on begging and borrowing and start generating wealth within our borders. With a minimum of will, so much can be done but so little is being done.

Lawlessness is a hindrance to progress. If law and order were enforced all ethnic groups will be dealt with in an even handed way, according to the laws of the land. The government will not be seen as favouring any one group of citizens. This will have an uniting effect. The police force needs to be revamped, to be able to enforce law and order.

Yours faithfully,

Vic Lobert