Impressed with Dr Thomas's column on Globalisation
Stabroek News
October 17, 2001

Dear Editor,

My name is Frank Richard, I am a 57 year old graduate student in Economics at the University of Michigan. I had the pleasure of visiting Guyana in 1969 when my brother, Paul and his wife Connie were residents of Triumph Village. They were in Guyana in connection with the US Peace Corps. They have always regarded the time spent in Guyana as very fruitful, completely exotic, and from the standpoint of what they were doing, extremely rewarding. Although they parted company many years ago, both Connie and Paul have carried the spirit of helping children into their careers as educators in this country.

I only spent a few days in Guyana. I had to come by way of Venezuela (I was there on business) and did not know that there was a dispute between yourselves and the Venezuelan Republic. I think that I traveled from Maiquetia Venezuela to Port of Spain Trinidad and then on a British Airways VC-10 (it may have been called BOAC back then) to Georgetown. I slept overnight at a hotel that was the tallest structure in Georgetown. The next morning, I took a train to a place called Bedeverwagting, found the Post Office, and a "walker" and I set out to see my brother inland to riumph Village.

My eyes have never been treated to such an exotic place as the walk to Triumph Village.

Since then, I consume Lemon Hart Demarara Rum (not the strong rum but the 86 proof stuff), and my spouse, Diana and I try finding actual Guyanese Demarara sugar to put in our holiday fruit cakes. The taste makes a big difference.

However, I have digressed.

I would like to be placed in touch with Dr. Clive Thomas. His column, "Globalization: Some economic challenges for the Caribbean" and the data supporting the article would be tremendously helpful to research I am doing for a short paper about Guyana's movement from a centrally controlled economy to one that is more reliant on Neoclassical Market Clearance mechanisms.

Would you be so kind as to provide me with a way to get in touch with Dr. Thomas, also, please let him know for me that his analytical techniques are peerless!

Yours faithfully,

Frank A. Richard, Jr.

Editor's note

Dr Thomas's e-mail address is cythomnas@! and his fax # 222-555l.