America should apologise for past misdeeds
Stabroek News
October 12, 2001

Dear Editor

Dr. Ian McDonald's two Sunday columns. `Day of evil' and `Lament for our species' (Sept. 16 and Sept 30) [ please note: links provided by LOSP web site ] lack objectivity.

One would expect that as an historian and a writer he might have brought a balanced perspective to the infamous events of September 11. Emotion and outrage are fine up to a point. McDonald makes a meal about the terrorists being inherently evil. To quote him, "Blood lust and the plain love of slaughter are involved. What is done is done for the love of killing and the sadistic satisfaction it gives this breed of men'. McDonald is dead wrong. This is an historical problem, not simply a few blood-thirsty Arabs on a one night rampage.

Every human being is endowed with positive and negative energy. When life's expectations are cruelly denied because people are consistently oppressed and unfaired, negative forces surface and predominate and revenge seems to be an instant response. Satan, the well-spring of all evil, was an angel who challenged God and was rejected from Eden. In revenge, he stained the world with everlasting sin and death. Satan lives within each and every one of us regardless of our skin colour.

The human capacity for good and evil has been widely acknowledged. It is not only Muslim terrorists who are inherently evil.

Hitler, the modern symbol of evil, attacked the Jews on account of their economic aggressiveness in Germany after the first World War. Nazi persecution of Jews then assumed paranoiac proportions and the world went horribly wrong.

The world has gone wrong again. On this occasion, suicide bombers seek to avenge the political aggression of the Jews against their people, especially their terrorized women, their slaughtered youths and innocent babes. On September 11, they struck at the heart of the American economic and political machinery that have supported Israel unconditionally for the last half of a century. In striking out at something they consider evil, barbaric, and oppressive, Muslim youths took the hard decision to give their lives to a cause, albeit an ill-conceived response to a century of injustice, pain and grief.

In the 1940's, England called on allied forces to rally with the Jews and destroy the evil Hitler. In 2001, America is calling on allies to rally with the Jews and destroy the evil Arabs. Isn't it time the Jews are made to understand that they cannot go on with their aggressive, bullying ways. England and America are built up with Jewish money, so their "mouths are muzzled by the food they eat to live".

I recommend to Mr. McDonald a riveting analysis of the Arab-Jewish conflict by an Indian writer, Arundhati Roy (The Guardian - London - 29-09-01). A writer without a conscience and without sympathy for the plight of the oppressed is not worth a fowl's feather. America's prejudiced foreign policy has caused thousands of innocent persons to lose their lives needlessly and America must shoulder the blame for this tragedy. We must stop blaming and demonizing the victims, Mr. McDonald. They have been driven past the point of hopelessness. Life made no more sense to them and offered no more hope to them in the face of America's barefaced connivance with the Israelis for half a century.

In her essay, Miss Roy recalls Ms. Madeline Albright's words on American television in 1996 when she was asked how she felt about the fact that 500,000 Iraqi children had died as a result of US economic sanctions. Ms Albright famously answered that it was "a very hard choice, but that all things considered, we think the price was worth it." What a monstrously wicked reply. Yet, no one would deem Ms Albright evil. Nor is ex-President Bush evil for the bombing of a factory that manufactured baby?food and for a long list of atrocities against the Arabs. No one labelled the Israelis terrorists for the slaughter at Shatilla and Chabra in 1985, or for Ramallah last week, or for Alei Sinai two nights ago. How do we know when the price is worth it? Perhaps America would let us know when enough blood has been drawn from the non-white world to uphold the American way of life. And what, pray tell, is the American way of life? Bullyism?

In 2001, innocent persons have paid for the mistakes of the Balfour Declaration, for England's shameful negligence to monitor Israeli immigration, as agreed, and for America's shameless intervention to uphold Israeli land-grabbing ambitions. The CIA derailed our own progress in this country and sent us into a wilderness for almost three decades just as they boast of "bombing Iraq into the stone age". We, too, have had a bitter taste of their insidious role in world politics.

America, that great Christian society, needs to go into the confession box and say "Father, I have sinned". They need to apologise and make reparation to the oppressed world.

Solve the Israel/Palestine problem now and there would be instant peace in the world. America needs to be fair and just in its thoughts and deeds now or future generations would have to pay dearly for its present arrogance. And while they're at it they should remember that it is time for America to stop protecting Bosch, the terrorist of the Cubana air disaster in which a large number of promising young Guyanese scholars perished. Everybody is hurting because of America's arrogance and their self?appointed role as custodians of the freedoms of the western world. Their agenda is seriously flawed.

Yours faithfully,

Jacob Yusuf