The stadium fiasco
Stabroek News
October 11, 2001

Dear Editor,

I have refrained from commenting publicly upon the (in) famous turning of the sod ceremony for the construction of the stadium, on the grounds of the University of Guyana, hoping that the nation's governing football body, the Guyana Football Federation would have issued a public statement clearing all misconceptions.

However, in the absence of such "will the stadium's construction remain but a fleeing illusion to be pursued and never attained or will we continue to dwell in a world of glorious uncertainties, where nothing is certain."

Meanwhile, the comedy of errors continue unabated. I must implore the GFF to openly admit that its stadium project has failed for the following reasons: -

a. The absence of written documentation from UG indicating its approved intention of leasing the land.
b. Approved model plan, in compliance with the C.H.P.A, E.D.A and City Engineer's requirements.
c. Funding.
d. Time Frame.
As the former Hon. Secretary (GFL) 1999 and a member of the GFF ground and stadium committee, at no time was I ever invited to a meeting, Despite a visit by Mr Keith-Look-Loy, FIFA development officer, in 1999.

Suffice to say that Mr-Look-Loy had visited every sub-association affiliated to the GFF and met with its executive. While interacting with the Georgetown Football League executive, he had expressed "concern over the lack of infrastructural development", a catalyst for FIFA overall development which monies were budgeted for.

Surely, I find it strange for the Hon. Minister with the responsibility for Sports, not to be aware of such requirements for technological advancement. Moreover, her interaction with Mr Austin "Jack" Warner, Vice President, FIFA and not having a structured agenda in place and minutes taken, lacks professionalism.

In the absence of a stadium, the onus remains upon the GFF to upgrade grounds in the sub associations for suitable accommodation of international football, by approaching corporate entities such as Guysuco to lease grounds under their jurisdictionm, Uitvlugt, LBI and Blairmont readily come to mind, with GFC, MSC and Burnham Park through their executive and Regional Council.

Finally, of all the pictures published in relation to Mr. Blatter's visit, the well decorated garden fork stands out tall, while the most embarrassing was Mr Blatter surrounded by females in football attire. How absurd! When last or whenever was there an organised female inter club football competition?

As Nero fiddles Rome burns! Thus it remains incumbent upon the general council of the GFF to demand answers by way of a "special general meeting" and ultimately require the heads on a platter, of those who have exposed the President and people of Guyana, to shame.

It wasn't me!.

Yours faithfully

Lester Sealy