The terrorist Bosch is living in Florida
Stabroek News
October 10, 2001

Dear Editor,

Over 6000 innocent persons were killed on September 11th in the USA. Innocent folks caught up in the anger, frustration, and hurt of other people.

The superpower USA, and the UK started bombarding Afghanistan, thousands of children and other innocent people could be slaughtered in a poor country. In a statement the US President invoked the name of God. Every US coin and note says "In God we trust". This is basically a Christian society. Thou shall not kill is a clear injunction of this faith.

I love America but I am confused by this brutal reaction to a brutal attack on September 11. It is impossible to separate civilians from military personnel. In an open country such as Afghanistan, all who break this sacred pledge not to kill will be punished.

Incidentally could Mr George Bush say what he proposes to do about the terrorist that his favourite State Miami has as its guest for over 25 years. The man Orlando Bosch, his group openly claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack on the Cubana plane on October 6th, 1976 that killed Guyanese among many others. Incidentally this incident which many Guyanese seem unaware of, took place during the presidency of Gerald Ford whose book "A time to heal" became so popular.

These terrorists are living in splendor in the US, my God where is there equity and justice? The vast arsenal of this mighty nation is being used against people with meagre military resources. A sledge hammer to kill a flea.

The US must know that if they get bin Laden dead or alive, the hate that they are creating will make the US a rather unsafe place to live, unless of course they address the Middle East issue without the clear bias in favour of Israel. And also seek global justice, and be willing to help reduce the growing gap between the rich and the poor.

If you push a people too far, extreme things are bound to happen.

America must now pull back. How the cowboys destroyed the Native Americans, and mistreated African slaves will not happen as easily as it did then. In God we trust?

Yours faithfully,

Gerald N. Bacchus