Islamic fundamentalists and left wing free loaders
Stabroek News
October 10, 2001

Dear Editor,

I have followed with interest the many points of view appearing within your columns.These range from those in support of misguided Islamic fundamentalist zeal to those left wing free loaders espousing reparations. Some of these fulminations have covered just about everything on the 'global agenda'including the recent Osama bin Laden sponsored terrorist attacks on the United States to the recent UN Conference on Racism held in Durban (South Africa) which evidently ended on a rather disastrous note.

In many of these letters, it is useful to note that there seems to be a common theme - 'anti-Semitism'. This even prompted a female writer to respond to the many chronic purveyors of institutionalized animosity towards the long oppressed and tortured Jewish people. The Stabroek News has an overarching moral obligation to thwart any such efforts that seek to denigrate or embellish one group of people at the sordid expense of another. Guyana, is fraught with enough prejudices and hatred as its recent history will reveal. Yet amidst all of this there now seems to be an institutionalized effort to hinder any genuine effort at national unity, cohesion or peaceful coexistence amongst its multicultural populace.

I sincerely join and call upon all concerned Guyanese to ensure groups inciting hatred and intolerance of any sort be exposed and where necessary their leadership be held accountable.

Yours faithfully,

Mike Singh