Disappointed at coverage of events in Trinidad
Stabroek News
October 7, 2001

Dear Editor,

I write to register my disappointment at the lack of depth and breadth in your coverage of events in Trinidad in general and in your issue of 5/10/01 in particular. What is worse, the one story which you did carry in that issue was not in any way reflective of the complexity and many sided nature of the controversial events taking place in our sister Republic.

I believe that the events in Trinidad are newsworthy in their own right and have added resonance for us in Guyana where we should regard Trinidadian affairs as important to us. In addition, there would appear to be many constitutional and political implications which could bear a full and thorough hearing in the region. It was disappointing to have to resort to the internet and the international agencies for details and analysis on matters in our backyard because Stabroek News could only find space for the Western agency versions of matters of more concern to them.

Yours faithfully,

Deryck M Bernard