Do our drivers know the rules of the road?
Stabroek News
October 6, 2001

Dear Editor,

It is sad to see how many lives are lost on our city's streets through reckless driving.What is even sadder is that the law seems to have nothing in place to rectify the situation.With most of the traffic lights out of order , drivers seem to take the opportunity to ignore the basic rules of the road , of course not forgetting the little courtesies that can matter so much. It leaves me to ponder whether drivers do know the rules of the road.

It is so gratifying to read the lips of some pedestrians saying

" thank you ", when I should stop at a crossing to allow them to get to the other side, even though I have to tolerate the impatient drivers at the back. When will our authorities take some time out to fix the traffic lights, to place bus stops along the bus routes, to weed the parapets that can be easily mistaken for clips from Jurassic Park, all for the betterment of our citizens.

The mini bus seems to be more of a weapon than a means of basic transportation. Each new day we can read of some tragedy in the newspapers, it seems to have become a way of life or is it a way of death. How many more lives must we lose before something is done, or do we have to lose a citizen of higher office for the law makers to wake up and do what they should have done ever since.The usual case of closing the door after the cow has run away.

Does anyone really care anymore , or is life that cheap in Guyana? We look forward to the day when by putting basic necessities in place our citizens can feel safer for themselves and their children who have to use the streets each sunrise.

Yours faithfully,

Sterling de Lima