Where was the formal proof of the stadium?
Stabroek News
October 3, 2001

Dear Editor,

After reading your editorial of 2.l0.200l, I noticed you have quoted Ms Teixeira: "I'm used to dealing with some level of openness. It was a matter of trust and gentlemanliness."

Well, this statement says a lot and is not an isolated case of how our ministers of government go about their jobs. Minister Teixeira has exhibited gross incompetence or gross dereliction of duty. The buck stops with her.

There was such an important issue and there was no official letter from Mr Warner or FIFA to legally confirm the alleged commitment. There's no point in splitting hairs about who said what and who promised what to whom. How did she proceed to acquire the land for the stadium? The UG people also appear to have given away the institution's assets without formal proof.

If President Jagdeo wants people to take him seriously, he must do the right thing. He must ask Ms Teixeira to resign for the gross embarrassment she has caused this country.

I now understand the President's modus operandi of being involved in every activity of government. He seems to know the truth about some of his ministers.

Yours faithfully,

Kenneth A David