A new world order has come out of September 11

Stabroek News
October 1, 2001

Dear Editor,

I have read for the past two weeks the comments of those who have sat in judgement on the United States following the September 11 tragedy, and while many are sincere, there have been some whose bitterness towards America was evident. Fortunately for most, they have not had the benefit of having to go through the emotional roller coaster this senseless act has wrought upon the American nation. Count your blessings.

Aside from being senseless, the actions of the few on September 11 were designed to instil fear and wreak havoc on the American way of life, and soon, very soon, the architects will realize the error of their ways. I have chosen the American way of life for myself and family and consider it an affront (like most Americans) that must not go unpunished. To those who would dare be as disrespectful of that which God (or Allah, whatever you want to call your maker) has created (life) a lesson is about to be taught in the new world order according to America.

No longer will Americans be tolerant of those countries that want to be 'beggars and choosers.' When in the past there was room for discussion on policies that go hand-in-hand with financial support - no longer. And to bring the point closer to home; when Guyanese criminals have to be returned home, the point would not be debatable. Many other critical decisions will also impact the lives of those who choose to either toe the line with America or face them. It should be known that the war is not between America and Islam. It amounts to a lack of respect and a willingness to instil terror as a means of furthering a distorted vision of the world.

The events of September 11 have and will continue to affect everyone worldwide but out of the mist of sorrow and destruction will evolve a new world order. The strongest will survive.

Yours faithfully,

Merrill Hyman