Indentureship was not slavery
Stabroek News
September 26, 2001

Dear Editor,

Just recently I was involved in quite a lively discussion, with reference to the conference in South Africa on reparations, racism and other issues. India's refusal to have the caste system tabled was also mentioned. The discourse also shifted to the system of indentureship, which by consensus was not comparable to slavery. However, Dr Prem Misir in his wisdom or lack thereof made that comparison. What audacity!

Some knowledgeable persons on the subject of reparations are confident that in the not too distant future, this could become a reality. It is quite distasteful for Dr Prem Misir or anyone to ever think what he did, much less have those views printed.

Slavery effectively destroyed the Black family unit. Human rights such as marriage, family privileges, parental and child relationships and many other social conditions were denied Black people. Slaves were not considered as human beings, they were forced to watch some of the cruellest acts witnessed by mankind; the list of injustices is long and well documented. Permit me to recommend `The Black Jacobins' by CLR James to Dr Prem Misir, who would do well to read this very enlightening book on slavery. If he has read it, let him refresh his memory.

Yours faithfully,

Lloyd Davidson