The church should be more involved
Stabroek News
September 24, 2001

Dear Editor,

I was asked by a group of scholars to explain the role of the church in the Guyanese society against the background of what presently obtained in our churches.

The questions came like raindrops, should I defend positions taken by the church or should I glean from what the bible exposes us to? I wish to share a few of these questions; hopefully some Christian scholar or teacher with the courage will answer.

i. Given the spate of killings by law enforcement officers in Guyana of Guyanese citizens what role should the church play? Where is the Christian voice?

ii. Official corruption and lawlessness are on the rise in Guyana. Why is the church in Guyana silent on this and other social issues?

iii. The Mothers in Black are fighting to have our road laws

updated so as to promote safer driving. Why is there no support from the churches, especially the Assemblies of God, etc?

iv. What is the church saying about poverty? What is the church doing to promote self reliance and personal development among its flock?

v. The Bible tells us when the righteous rule the people will be happy. Why aren't there Christians running for or making themselves available for political office?

vi. Can't the church have its own radio and TV station? Where does all the money go?

I'm a qualified professional and a believer in Christ. I see the spiritual liberation of God's people going on apace but the average believers are still in mental and financial poverty. Programmes to promote housing, business, agriculture and better living standards are yet to be a part of the church's agenda.

Finally, we are encouraged to 'occupy' until Jesus comes. Simply put get involved, grow, develop - and this is not limited to the spiritual. Church leaders need to lead their flock out of mental slavery. For prayer without words is dead according to the Bible.

Yours faithfully

Trevor Small