The US is also not without guilt
Stabroek News
September 18, 2001

Dear Editor,

I have read numerous letters over the past days expressing, understandably, sympathy for the victims of the 911 tragedies in America. Immense praise for the firemen, etc, who are working diligently to rescue possible survivors, is most definitely applicable, especially given the colossal nature of the situation. Death, regardless of the condition through which it came, must have our respect. The living that mourn or are hopeful of news proclaiming that a loved one is alive, also deserve our sympathy and support.

But why America, if it is this country of democracy and freedom and all things righteous, was attacked? Something seems wrong. Why weren't Canada and Australia, supposedly good, freedom-loving nations, also attacked? Could it have something to do with America's foreign policy, which has led to the deaths and sufferings of millions worldwide in Chile, Congo (Zaire), Nicaragua, Iraq, Cuba, and Libya? Where are the letters in praise of the thousands who were murdered by Chile's US-backed Pinochet? I am still listening for those who are weeping for the staggering multitudes that died or were injured in Vietnam, Grenada, Dominican Republic, San Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, etc, because of US democracy.

While we ascribe our particular adjectives to describe these `cowards' and `terrorists' who took `innocent lives' let us describe the cruise missiles that are sent from US carriers miles off while people slept, into Middle Eastern territories like Iraq and Afghanistan, sometimes missing their targets and taking `innocent' lives. Let us remember that it is the same as in the old days when US soldiers defeated the Native Americans, they called it a `battle' and when the Native Americans won, it was described as a `massacre.' Let us not forget to pray for those children in Iraq and Cuba who cannot get sufficient food and medical supplies because of US-enforced economic sanctions. Let us hold candlelight vigils for the Congolese people whose lives were stubbed out by US front man, Mobutu. And if we really desire to condemn those Islamic extremists let us praise those US patriots who infiltrated so many countries worldwide, including our own Guyana, to conduct their CIA directed destabilization.

Yours faithfully,

Rakesh Rampertab