America has lost its innocence
Stabroek News
September 14, 2001

Dear Editor,

On September ll, 2001 the great nation of America - a nation which hundreds of thousands of Guyanese call their new home - was subject to the most horrendous and devastating terrorist attack ever.

On this day, the US has irrevocably lost its continued innocence - its veil of imperviousness wretchedly pierced by this dastardly act of cowardice. But contrary to its intention of humbling this great nation, this act has had the unwitting consequence of bringing Americans closer together with a renewed sense of resolve, for there's this realization that all Americans are victims here. A day later, shock and grief have given way to a simmering rage and an understandable need for retribution. President Bush has declared, "This is an act of war!" and it certainly is.

Many Guyanese have expressed the hope that American intelligence will soon conclusively identify the cowardly perpetrators and that the administration's retaliation will be swift and severe and will have the effect of sending a strong message of deterrence to future terrorists. From the President's speech, it appears that America will not limit its retaliation to the responsible terrorist group(s) but to states that harbour these maniacs.

Yours faithfully,

Dev Prakash