Many citizens are now worried

Stabroek News
August 21, 2001

Dear Editor

Now, just about three weeks after the Mandela Avenue killings, we hear again of the involvement of the police and/or some similar state agency in yet another extra judicial killing. This time it is that of a 15 year old minor, a 41 year old man and his 18 year old son. This time they are all of Indian origin! I speak of

Azad Bacchus and his son and nephew.

According to the familiar police script, which by now we all know by heart, we find the following familiar elements of police executions: "notorious criminals"; high-sea pirates";".32 pistol and other arms in the criminal possession";" confrontation with the police" usually initiated by these so called wanted men, and, of course, their inevitable demise administered by the forces of the law with a simple shot to the head at close range. We only have to change the names, ethnic origin, and geographical location of this new atrocity and we will see the eerie correspondences of the Antoine Houston execution and that of the Mandela Avenue killings.

I read that President Jagdeo has promised an inquest into these killings. Stabroek News also reminds that Commissioner Laurie Lewis has stated that there would also be an inquest into the Mandela Ave. killings. When are these going to happen? Could President Jagdeo or the police commissioner say?

Many citizens are now very worried (if they weren't before) that they might very well be the next victims, shot down in cold blood on the now inhospitable streets of their particular communities by the psychopathic and blood thirsty elements that find protection within the Guyana Police Force. But, what is also equally frightening to contemplate, is the real possibility that your family and the general public might discover through the now infamous police releases that you were a notorious criminal killed in a shoot out by the dreaded black clothes police who were simply doing their jobs - a shoot out that you provoked and, which could be proved by the arsenal of arms that you left behind, including the ubiquitous .32 pistol!

But, really, how many more are to die in the streets before this administration takes the appropriate action.

Yours faithfully,
Derek Braithwaite