Can't we settle disputes rationally?

Stabroek News
August 21, 2001

Dear Editor,

Not so long ago I was on my way to work, trying my utmost to endure the assault on my ears when I became a witness to what has become a normal confrontation on our roads.

A bus was turning the corner of Mandela and Homestretch avenues when a man was crossing the roads without looking before him. He almost collided with the bus or maybe the other way round. The man became furious at what could have been his demise and he shook his hand threateningly with words to match and the conductor of the bus was just waiting. A verbal battle ensued and the conductor went to his arsenal and pulled out a twelve-inch knife and pointed it at the angry pedestrian. From the bag the man was carrying he withdrew a cutlass and they almost proceeded to go on a knife and cutlass-wielding rampage. That was 7:15 in the morning; pretty early for war don't you think?

Now I am wondering, if people always go out of their houses prepared to defend themselves even a petty matter can lead to bloodshed or even death. Have we descended below the animals where we no longer rationally settle disputes? Our roads are already painted red with the blood of those whose paths were intercepted by those mayhem-causing monsters called mini buses. Those of us who take those treacherous journeys on those perilous roads can only say thank God when we disembark with all our limbs and organs intact. On the roads, we are not safe in the buses or out of them, we don't even have the pavement to seek refuge. No one cares for anyone anymore.

I am left to wonder if there is a knight to save us from this rampaging monster. I have to say my prayers for I have to use the roads very soon. May God help us all.

Yours faithfully,
Leyland Mingo, Jr.