Christian thought inspired civil and human rights
Stabroek News
August 20, 2001

Dear Editor,

I found it strange that in response to the Pandit's letter on the advent of Christianity the Jesuit Priest did not point out the obvious social benefits to humanity of Christ's teachings. Christ's teachings changed the world, and changed Paul, too. Paul was merely advocating Christ's message.

Christ, and not Paul, taught that the "greatest commandments" are to love God more than anything in the world - wealth, power, fame -; and to love others, even one's enemies, more than one's self. Christ is the one who indicated that the laws of the ten commandments are secondary to this "greater commandment".

Those are very original, humane and good principles which are unique to the message Christ brought to humanity. It is the influence of Christian thought on the social engineering of society that brought about such things as human rights and civil rights. It also influenced personal relationship, advocating such social behaviour as forgiveness, kindness, brotherly love.

It is a testimony to the power in the message of Christ that Paul made the rather radical change in his life, from being a tax collector to being a preacher who suffered severe persecution for his choice.

I hope the Pandit would look at Christ's message in this new light. I would like to hear the Pandit's views on the caste system in India.

Yours faithfully,

Shaun Michael Samaroo